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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine services encompass a range of disciplines that focus on the root cause of medical conditions. Traditional medicine tends to treat the symptoms and is heavily governed by health insurance policies.

My philosophy on a cash-based, concierge-style telehealth practice is to remove the barriers and limitations to focus on underlying causes, not just symptoms. 

The services reviewed below are just a glimpse at how functional medicine can transform your health. 

Nutrition Therapy
We discuss how to maintain a healthy gut, detox programs, food allergy testing, and so much more.
Functional Labs
Functional Life Coaching
The emerging field of life coaching is based on the philosophy that you are the expert in your own life. As a functional life coach, I partner with you to draw out the wisdom you already have within and help guide you.
Life Coaching
Functional Medicine Testing
Functional lab testing is different because it helps evaluate physiological imbalances on a spectrum of health, focusing on detailing levels as they relate to each other to help you feel your best.
Lab Testing
Natural Supplement Protocol
High-quality, whole food-based nutritional supplements from Standard Process® - "Advancing Health Through Whole Food Nutrition"
Health Store

At Clouthier Holistic Health, every patient has access to Functional Medicine & holistic healthcare in a private patient-focused setting free from the distractions of a typical clinic. To make my patients' lives easier, I provide in-depth and secure consultations, focusing on the principles of Functional Medicine to achieve your best health. This is a telehealth concierge-style service that eliminates the barriers that keep you from accessing trusted naturopathic resources.

Plans Tailored to You

We'll create a customized care plan with holistic treatments for optimal health. Let's empower you to live your best life. Trust me to guide you every step of the way for amazing results and a life of wellness.

A Root-Cause Approach

I practice functional medicine with a holistic approach that identifies the fundamental cause of your health issues. My experience and skillset enable me to tailor a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired outcomes and promote optimal health and wellness.

Learn more about Dr. Stephen Clouthier – Diplomat in Natural and Holistic Medicine and an IMF Certified Practitioner  (IFMCP) by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Real Health Solutions Through Functional Medicine

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